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Your CCC Blog Team

Meet your awesome team of blog contributors:

Amanda is the Assistant Director of Student Employment. Her children are jealous of their chihuahua, who is the only one who regularly receives hand-knit sweaters.

Danielle is an Assistant Director of Career Counseling and although she isn’t currently a pet owner, is a lover of all cat related things. She starts every morning with a cup of (black) coffee and is a not-so-secret history and math nerd.

Graham is the Senior Associate Director, Employer Relations & Assessments and is a 6-year newbie to Washington DC. Though not a coffee drinker, he loves the flavor of coffee (i.e. ice cream) and the closest he gets to drinking coffee is an Ice Aroma Light – got to love the little piece of chocolate that comes with it.

Kathryn is the Associate Director of Career Counseling. She is an ESFJ and loves to make soups from scratch.

Michele is the Administrative Assistant for the Office of Career Services and loves going to the beach. The only problem is, once she is there you can’t get her out of the water.

Peggy is the Associate Director of Employer Relations and though she has lived in the DC area for years, she is always a “Yooper” at heart.

Soad is an Assistant Director of Career Counseling and loves Christmas, food, and travel (yes, in that order!). In the meantime, she settles for a good book and some chocolate and hopes to one day see the world, one city at a time.

Tony is the Director of the Office of Career Services. Although he uses computers every day, he prefers to walk campus and engage in impromptu meetings.  He is not a sports junkie, but participated in rowing, track, and in one case bobsledding (back when he had hair).