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Moments that Matter Monday

Every Monday, we post a new anonymous student review of your career center. We call it Moments that Matter Monday (MMM) and we share this with you because these are the moments our staff are so grateful for and why we do what we do.

Very helpful with pointing me in the direction I want to go and provided the know how to obtain it.

– Anthropology Major

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Spring 2018 Career & Internship Fair Feedback

Last week Friday was the Spring 2018 Career & Internship Fair. We are so thankful for the employers, students, alumni, and Catholic U community that joined us to make this event a success. Here are just some of the feedback we received from those that went to the fair:

It’s a great fair and all the people I spoke with was very informative.
-Library and Information Science student

It was definitely worth it to come. I spoke with the Institute of World Politics, who I didn’t even know about.
-Politics student

I spoke with Architect of the Capital, who I learned maintained all buildings and grounds on Capitol Hill and hires all Engineering majors.
-Civil Engineering student

I was able to speak with a couple of employers and already have an interview planned for next week!
-Psychology student