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6 Tips For Kick-Starting Your Career This Summer

Summers coming and students are ready for it! Some have jobs or internships lined up. Others are getting ready to attend a graduate program. Still others will be volunteering, traveling, or just relaxing. Read More »

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Spring 2018 Career & Internship Fair Feedback

Last week Friday was the Spring 2018 Career & Internship Fair. We are so thankful for the employers, students, alumni, and Catholic U community that joined us to make this event a success. Here are just some of the feedback we received from those that went to the fair:

It’s a great fair and all the people I spoke with was very informative.
-Library and Information Science student

It was definitely worth it to come. I spoke with the Institute of World Politics, who I didn’t even know about.
-Politics student

I spoke with Architect of the Capital, who I learned maintained all buildings and grounds on Capitol Hill and hires all Engineering majors.
-Civil Engineering student

I was able to speak with a couple of employers and already have an interview planned for next week!
-Psychology student