Image of Catholic U mascot "Red" standing in front of the Basilica with a yellow chair in the shape of a hand.

Using Handshake to Help Your Job Search Take Flight

Today, I wanted to walk you through Catholic University’s newest job search platform: Handshake. This innovative online platform and its associated app are simple to use and helpful to land your dream internship.Read More »

Comic image of woman with thought bubbles that say "life without a job description; but how will I know what to do?"

What’s in a Name? Err I mean, Job Description?

Another old article, but definitely worth the read. This article is from a publication associated with one of my favorite job search sites, (Side note: if you have never checked it out, it’s ideal–hahaha–tool to use if you’re looking for internship/job/volunteer opportunities with non-profits & NGOs. I am always amazed at the number of organizations and their various causes!) Read More »