Students Needed for Paid Medical Roundtable Discussion, 2U

Opportunity with 2U.  We are looking for current students who are interested in participating in filmed educational discussions with a medical professor from Yale. These discussions will focus on ethics and will be included in the Yale Physician Assistant program.

The roundtable setup features a professor engaging in a discussion with two in-studio students at a roundtable. Throughout the discussion, the professor has the opportunity to address the online student with key points or questions to answer. Your participation will require you to read and/or view all provided materials for the filmed discussion(s). You will be compensated for this prep time and for your participation in these discussions on-set.

We are searching for students in a Masters PA program, nurse practitioner students, RN students, 2nd year MD students, and 2nd year DO students.

Filming will take place the week of July 16th at our studios in Arlington, VA near the Courthouse Metro stop.

Selected applicants will be compensated depending on the length of discussions and preparation required. The typical rate is up to $300 for a half day of filming.

Please fill out this google form to apply.


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