Image of shadows of 11 people jumping in the air with the beach at sunset as a background

When You’re Not at the Beach…

In the midst of summer activities consider…

Spending time researching CUA Alumni on LinkedIn. Checking out what careers alumni have searching by major can reveal some interesting career paths. Some alumni continue their education by going to graduate school. For other alumni, their career paths can lead to working in Marketing at Amazon when they have studied Theology.

Determining what internships or careers you might consider from a variety of majors at CatholicU can be enlightening, or in other words, you might be surprised where a career could lead from studying History or Marketing. LinkedIn can be an excellent resource for investigating numerous career paths, plus you can choose to dialogue with alumni via LinkedIn if you have questions.

I have met with many students who took the time to use LinkedIn and were pleasantly surprised by the response they received from alumni. Some connections can lead to internships, full time jobs or additional contacts through the alums. This is so worth the effort! The Office of Career Services can guide you through this process. If you have questions, contact us!



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