Image of Fiona standing in front of McMahon building

Catholic University Helped When I Hesitated. Now I’m Graduating with Confidence

Campus resources are here for you: the student. Staff at Catholic University hold full-time jobs dedicated to helping students find success through a variety of resources. The most important piece of advice I can give to any student at Catholic University is to know that your needs are not a nuisance, they are a priority.

It took me four years of college to finally reach out to DSS and say, “hey, I need an extra hand with everything going on.” Immediately they were there for me to accommodate my unique needs, judgement free. I’ll be lucky enough to graduate with high honors, Phi Beta Kappa, and the incredibly important experience as a Career Peer Advisor (CPA) in the Office of Career Services. Although my hard work played a major role in these milestones, I can honestly say that none of these accomplishments would have been possible without the help of dedicated staff at Catholic.

Sometimes we feel like it’s hard to click with certain staff members and giving up on campus resources might seem like the only option. This isn’t the case, there’s always other options. We have peer advisors and tutors, professional advisors, experienced professors, and even counseling services prepared to fit your own needs.

Working as a CPA with Career Services taught me that it’s alright to come to a campus resource with absolutely no idea what you need, but the knowledge that you need something. When I conducted resume help, I saw everything from students coming in who needed bullet point placement advice to students who needed help setting up a new resume altogether. Each person is accommodated for in our office, judgement free. Resume support allows students to not only organize their resumes but also helps them recognize their accomplishments. Catholic University is known for our high success rates and academic prestige, basically, getting in is a major accomplishment already. Students here succeed because they have proven they can take on academic challenges simply by acceptance alone, but students here find fulfillment when they challenge themselves to try things they might not feel certain about.

I hesitantly joined the history club board my sophomore year because I love the subject. I ended up meeting some of the most wonderful and unique students there, students who I wouldn’t have gotten to meet otherwise. Joining something out of the ordinary which may be intimidating is one thing I’d challenge every Catholic University student to do, whether it be a club, on-campus job, sport, or other available opportunity.

Thanks to my experience here, taking risks and learning to trust that I am capable led me to study abroad in Ireland. Next year I’ll be doing a master’s degree in Dublin, taking on the intimidating student loans on my own, the difficult workload graduate school will bring, and a major move across the ocean. Thanks to my college experience, I am confident enough to take on these daunting tasks, but I had to challenge myself greatly to do so. Going into college I would’ve never seen any of my current accomplishments as possible. Leaving college and having taken advantage of every resource possible. I not only believe in myself, but I know that other students I meet and share my experiences with can believe in themselves too.

Fiona Kavanagh
Catholic U Class of 2018
Anthropology major
Career Peer Advisor