Image of paper cutouts of people in various shades of color

Three Tips: Students of Color

Happy Spring Break, Catholic University Community! Every day this week we’re sharing three career tips for the diverse student populations in our campus community. Today’s tips are for students of color:

1 – As a person of color, your experiences have provided you with a uniqueness that can benefit any employer or organization. Do not shy away from sharing your multiculturalism in your application material, during networking events or interviews, and recruiting events like the upcoming career fair. You may highlight in your resume and/or cover letter: language skills, trips abroad, and involvement in multicultural organizations (more on this, see Ferentz’s post).

2 – Networking and connecting with peers, alumni, and industry professionals can provide you with pivotal career information. What’s great about networking is that it could be done anytime and anywhere. Start with the community here at Catholic, and connect with other men and women of color who identify similarly to you. Then, practice your networking skills by reaching out to alumni. Once you’re comfortable with your networking abilities, reach out to industry professionals who are doing the jobs that you want to do for the organizations you want to work for. You can learn from their experiences as they share their knowledge and wisdom about what it takes to thrive in the professional world.

3 – When applying for an opportunity, research the organization to learn more about its work culture. Did the employer create an inclusive work environment, where diversity and multiculturalism are celebrated? Start with the company’s website to see its mission statement and policies. Use websites such as Glassdoor to read past and present employees’ reviews of the organization. You can also connect with peers and alumni to find out more about the organizational culture.

Want to have a conversation about these tips, resources, or other support? Connect with us – we’d love to help you.



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