Comic image of woman with thought bubbles that say "life without a job description; but how will I know what to do?"

What’s in a Name? Err I mean, Job Description?

Another old article, but definitely worth the read. This article is from a publication associated with one of my favorite job search sites, (Side note: if you have never checked it out, it’s ideal–hahaha–tool to use if you’re looking for internship/job/volunteer opportunities with non-profits & NGOs. I am always amazed at the number of organizations and their various causes!) 

What I like about this article is that it looks beyond the typical reasons we, career professionals, typically focus on: do you meet the basic qualifications; do you need to reword/rearrange your resume; can you use the description to write your cover letter. One of the articles most important points–and honestly the most valid in my opinion–is whether this job would be a GOOD FIT for YOU!

I know, sometimes, we might be more stressed about the application process (and who doesn’t stress about this!) because all we can think and hope for is that we finally get this offer, because maybe we have been looking for so long, that we just want to get that offer–no matter what–etc., etc. etc. But, in the long run, (and after all that effort you put into applying, following up, getting the interview, landing the job, starting the job,) how disappointing would it be to then realize that your gut instinct was right–you did not want this job in the first place?

So… stay strong as you continue looking for jobs… and think, can I see myself there? And if you can’t, I would say, move on. There are plenty of opportunities out there.



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