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3 Tips to Find On-Campus Jobs

Many on-campus jobs are posted on Handshake. Most of the on campus jobs posted are work-study, but there are a handful of non work-study jobs available as well. Here are three tips to help you find an on-campus job:

1 – It’s always a good idea to start looking well before the beginning of the semester, as the early bird gets the worm…Many students return to jobs, and many others will line jobs up before getting to campus.

2 – When applying for a campus job, be flexible and apply for as many jobs as possible. Don’t limit yourself to a few jobs because you are put off by hiring the department – be sure to read the job description, as many offices are looking for the same kind of basic office assistant.

3 – Be persistent. If you don’t hear from the campus supervisor, reach out again. You definitely don’t want to be rejected from one job before applying to another, as in that short amount of time, the other remaining positions may have been filled.

So remember, when applying for a campus job: apply early and apply often!