Image of 11 Catholic U alumni standing with Red (university mascot) in front of posters of featuring alumni career stories.

What I Did With My Major Gallery Opening

Last night was the opening night of our What I Did With My Major Gallery and Informational Interview Event. We are so grateful for the alumni, students, and Catholic U community that joined us to make this event a success. Here are just some of the feedback we received and are excited to share with you: 

[The gallery] definitely made me rethink about the possibilities in my major. It’s not as limited as I thought it was.
– Psychology Major

I was so worried about what I was going to do after I graduate, but [after reading the alumni stories] I feel better now – it’s nice to see that people are doing a wide variety of things with their major!
– International Business Major

I really liked [the person I spoke with this evening] – he was so insightful and helpful. Now, I’m thinking about the different options I can pursue with my major.
– History Major

[The alum I spoke with] was so kind and beyond helpful. After speaking with her, I feel like I have options now.
– Psychology Major

Thank you for pushing me to [do an informational interview with an alum]. I really learned a lot!
– Politics Major

Didn’t get the opportunity to attend the gallery? No problem – the gallery of alumni career stories are available for viewing on the Pryz food court windows. Come back each day through Friday, February 9 to see new alumni stories!


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